Pets and Plants Photo Contest Winners!

One of the things we really love about the HPH Facebook group is seeing members share cute photos of their pets posing with their plants, so we decided to have a photo contest. Here are the winning "furry friends" - and of course their people, too. We've chosen the top five most liked and five favorites picked by the admins and moderators.

Congratulations to winners Candy and Mitchel; Samantha and Tyrone; Natalie and Nacho; Carly and Hiccup; Sarah B and Emma; Sarah Y and Odie; Janet and Dash; Deborah and Georgie; Bettie and Marlo; Paulina, Bava, and Miso; and Jim and Billy! Thank you for sharing your wonderful photos with us. You can click on the photos below to view them at full size, and find the photographers on Instagram!