The Best & Worst Plant Advice!

The Best & Worst Plant Advice!

We asked 100k+ members of our House Plant Hobbyist Facebook group to tell us about the best and the worst plant care advice they’ve received.

Here are some of our favorite answers - we hope you find them insightful and helpful! I also thought it would be fun if I debunked the bad advice.

The Best

  • Talk and sing to your plants! It's a form of nurturing.

  • Try not to worry too much about your plants or "over care" for them - with the exception of some high maintenance tropicals, most plants don't like to be fussed with daily.

  • Your potting medium matters - a standard bag of potting soil isn't one-size-fits-all.

  • Aerate your soil.

  • Mimic the plant's natural growing conditions in the wild.

  • Use an appropriate sized pot - don't go too big!

  • Rinse your perlite when making your own potting mixes.

  • Quarantine new plants for at least a week.

The Worst

  • Water on a schedule - in reality, a plant's watering needs will vary greatly due to environmental factors such as lighting, temperature, humidity, and container material.

  • Use Epsom salts as fertilizer or to help a sickly plant! Nope, nope. While Epsom salts do have some magnesium in them, it's better to use a well-balanced fertilizer from concentrate. Most of the time, Epsom salt isn't a cure-all and it's better to get to the root of the issue (pun intended).

  • Water orchids with ice cubes - orchids are tropical, warm climate plants! Watering with ice cubes is a marketing scheme.

  • Put rocks at the bottom of a pot with no drainage hole to create drainage. In reality, this just raises the “water table” inside of the pot, trapping moisture nearer the roots and increasing your chances of root rot.

  • Grow succulents and cacti in terrariums. Succulents and cacti want a lot of light but very little moisture, making them bad candidates for humid terrariums.

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