How To: Box Plants for Shipping

Buying, selling, or trading plants with other enthusiasts is a really fun aspect of being a plant hobbyist — but it can be really nerve wracking if you’ve got to package up your plant for a trip in the mail! HPH mod Rachel has shared her packaging process to help take the anxiety out of shipping a plant, featuring a real show stopper specimen!

I first remove all of the substrate I can without disturbing the roots too much. I lay out some Saran Wrap and a moist paper towel for wrapping the root ball.

Before wrapping up the root ball I like to pack my roots with MOIST (not wet) sphagnum moss. I surround the roots in moss completely.

After the moss is in place I wrap the root ball kind of like one would swaddle a baby. I do the paper towel first, then wrap the plastic around that. I tape the loose end of plastic down so it doesn’t unravel.

I next take the whole plant and wrap it in paper. Usually I use regular packing paper but given the delicate nature of this particular plant I used tissue paper instead. It just depends on what you are shipping. Sometimes I use pillow stuffings to surround the leaves if they won’t cooperate and lay flat.

I like to lay down a base layer of paper in square boxes when I use those. I always tape the plant bundle directly to the box, that way the plant doesn’t flop around inside when it gets moved around. (Taping to the box pictured here)

After all is secure I loosely ball up more paper to protect the plant from the top. Then just tape up the box and you’re all set!

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