Alocasia amazonica Care

Alocasia amazonica and its smaller variant, polly, are striking plants with deep green, arrow-shaped leaves and contrasting silvery veins. They are often known as African Mask plant or Elephant Ear based on their distinctive shape. They’re easily found at stores like Lowe’s, but they’re not always the easiest plants to care for once you get them home.

While a lot of our favorite indoor plants will adapt to the fluctuations of normal household conditions, Alocasia amazonica/polly may enter dormancy if the conditions aren’t quite right. This can make them a frustrating plant to try to grow, but if you can get the conditions just so, you’ll be rewarded with this plant’s gorgeous foliage and maybe even a bloom.



To mimic the natural environment for this plant — native to Southeast Asia — it’s going to have to be consistently warm and humid. Place your Alocasia amazonica/polly in a warm area on a pebble tray, near other plants, or in an area that has a humidifier. Make sure the temperature doesn’t drop below 60 degrees Fahrenheit and don’t place this plant in the path of any drafts!


Alocasia amazonica/polly prefer bright filtered or indirect light. Don’t place them in full direct sun, or you’ll begin to see washed-out or burnt leaves. I keep mine in a room with large south-western exposure windows, shaded by some of my larger sun-loving plants.


Potting Mix

This plant needs a porous, well-draining potting mix that can still retain a bit of moisture — you don’t want to let them dry out too much. (If you want some more info on soil amendments and their uses, click here!)


Even with all of these conditions met, you may see your plant enter dormancy come fall — don’t worry, because that’s natural. Back off on watering until the plant shows signs of ‘waking up’ and then get back to your regular watering routine.

Fun Facts

Alocasia amazonica is a hybrid with unknown ‘parent’ plants. While it’s rare, you may actually get a bloom from your plant.

If you want individualized advice or just want to show off your own Alocasia, head over to the HPH Facebook group!