Top 10 Statement Piece Plants

If you’re looking for the perfect plant to make a statement in your home, look no further! We’ve compiled a list of our favorite “statement pieces” — plants with the potential for some serious visual impact. What are your favorite impressive plants? Head over to House Plant Hobbyist on Facebook and share with us!

White Bird of Paradise

Strelitzia nicolai is also called the giant white bird of a paradise because of how immense this plant gets. While the beautiful white flowers aren’t as showy as the orange version, they can grow as large as 20-30 feet outside. Indoors you will most likely see these staying around seven feet with a large singular leaves growing on stems that form a fan shape. Make sure to give them as much sunlight as possible, even though partial shade will be fine, a good well draining potting mix, and water when the soil is dry.

Monstera deliciosa

Not only does the Monstera deliciosa boast some of the most iconic leaves in the plant world, these beauties grow like weeds. You can let them spread out or train them to climb a moss pole or totem for an even more impressive statement piece in a brightly-lit room. Give your Monstera a chunky, well-draining potting mix and don’t worry too much if you forget to water for a day or two — they’re forgiving plants.

Schefflera actinophylla

Often called the “umbrella plant” for their large, palmate leaves, the Schefflera actinophylla (sometimes called ‘amate’) can reach up to 10' feet tall indoors. If you haven’t got high ceilings, don’t worry — they’re very laid-back about being pruned. They’re also laid-back about watering, in that you can and should allow them to dry out thoroughly between watering.

Fiddle-leaf fig

We’re almost tired of hearing about the sculptural Ficus lyrata, but not quite. With their huge, impressive leaves and beautiful shapes, this Ficus absolutely complements almost any style of decor and adds greenery and interest indoors. However, any prospective FLF owner needs to know: They have a reputation as divas, so make sure you’ve got what it takes. This includes a bright indirect spot well away from any drafts (hot or cold), adequate humidity (higher than average household humidity), and a keen eye for when your fig wants water.

Alocasia cuprea

This is definitely a plant that will capture the full attention of everyone who sees it. Young leaves are shimmery brown, and the mature leaves are a green and purple with dramatic dark striping. The leaves, which can reach 15 inches long, have an iridescent bronze/copper sheen to the top that seems to change color if viewed from different angles, with purple/red undersides. They need bright indirect light, well draining potting mix, decent humidity, warmth, and to be able to dry out a little bit between watering.

Lipstick palm

Cyrtostachys renda, also called the red sealing wax palm, is a true show stopper with its gorgeous bright red leaf sheath and crown. These like warmth, higher humidity, dappled sun, and a lot of water. I’m talking daily watering with this one, so if you really enjoy watering and want to take on a bit of an advanced plant, you should look into getting one of these absolutely stunning palms.

Anthurium regale

These have quite large heart-shaped leaves that are a velevety green with heavy silver/pale green veins. This is one of those plants that everyone will notice as soon as they walk into the room, especially since the leaves can grow up to four feet long. Provide them with a rich, well draining potting mix, and bright filtered light.

Staghorn fern

The Staghorn fern is a wild-looking addition to home that looks amazing mounted and hung on a wall. You can also grow these in baskets, on wire frames, or in pots — just bear in mind that they’re epiphytes so they would naturally grow on other plants like orchids and bromeliads do. Make sure you give your fern adequate air circulation! Find your fern a spot with medium light, reasonably high humidity, water frequently but do allow the planting medium to dry out a bit in between.

Natal Mahogany tree

Trichila emetica/Trichila dregeana is relatively a newcomer to the indoor plant world, but is definitely a good one for those who love to water their plants! This easy-going tree can reach over seven feet tall and four feet wide with shiny, deep green leaves. These are known to even do well in low light, as long as you give them enough water. Just remember, that the bark can cause vomiting and the seed coating is extremely poisonous, so keep them out where children and pets cannot get them. Click here the most comprehensive list of toxic house plants on the internet.

Philodendron “Spiritus sancti’

We can’t help ourselves — this rare Philodendron boasts some of the most striking leaves we’ve ever seen. The P. spiritus sancti is a surprisingly easy-going plant that provides a stunning focal point for any plant collection with its long, skinny leaves that can reach lengths of around 24 inches.