Valentine's Day Plants

Valentine’s Day is almost upon us, and for many plant lovers a dozen cut roses just isn’t going to cut it — it’s time to step up your Valentine’s gift game with some of these sweet plants.

Hoya kerrii — sometimes also called the “sweetheart” plant, Valentine’s plant, or Heart Leaf Hoya, this plant can commonly be found around Valentine’s day.

Stephanotis floribunda — This is also called a Madagascar jasmine, or a Hawaiian wedding flower. This vining plant has thick, glossy, dark green leaves, and waxy, white, fragrant flowers.

Philodendron gloriosum P. gloriosum sports heart-shaped velvety leaves with white veins, a perfect Valentine’s day show-stopper for the Aroid lover in your life.

Anthurium — Sometimes called flamingo flower or Hawaiian heart flower, there are a lot of Anthurium varieties to choose from. You’re almost sure to be able to find an A. andraeanum showing off beautiful red or pink blooms in the days leading up to 14th February.

Alocasia — There are numerous varieties of Alocasia to choose from, and majority of them have heart shaped leaves. Some Alocasia have massive leaves, while others have smaller, more fragile leaves. No matter the variety you choose, you will always find one that makes your significant other happy.

Hemionitis arifolia — The Heart Fern is a delicate dwarf fern with (you guessed it!) heart-shaped leaves. These sweet little ferns are a lovely addition to a terrarium.

Ceropegia woodii — also known as String of Hearts or Sweetheart Vine, Ceropegia woodii makes a lovely addition to any plant lover’s collection! This South African native produces heart-shaped leaves and pink flowers.

Phalaenopsis — Phals are probably the easiest orchid to keep in your home, and have wonderfully-colored flowers. With the right care and conditions, you’ll continue to get beautiful blooms from this plant long after Valentine’s day.

Monstera deliciosa — The popular Monstera deliciosa has iconic, instantly-recognizable leaves. You might not notice that they’re heart-shaped at first because you’ll be too busy admiring their fenestration! If your Valentine doesn’t already have a lush Monstera, this may be the perfect gift to give them.

African violet — Many of us associate African violets with grandma’s plant collection, but these sweet vintage plants are having a comeback. With their distinctively fuzzy leaves and flowers ranging from blues and purples to pinks and whites, an African violet is a charming V-Day gift.

Syngonium — Also called nephthytis, Arrowhead plant, or goosefoot plant, Syngonium comes in several varieties. Some of them feature a pink tinge to their heart-shaped leaves, giving it a Valentine-vibe that we love. This rain forest native can be pruned to keep it fuller, or you can let it grow vines like it does in the wild.

Piper ornatum — Also known as the Celebes pepper, it has showy somewhat heart-shaped leaves that are glossy green, silver, and pink, with the underside being a deep red-brown hue. This slow growing plant is perfect for a terrarium or a hanging basket.

We would like to thank HPH group member Sara Giroux for letting us use a photo of her Hemionitis arifolia for this post. Thank you, Sara! If you’re looking for more Valentine’s Day plant ideas or want care tips for your new plants, check out the House Plant Hobbyist group on Facebook.