Happy 1st Birthday, HPH!

One year ago today the admins got together to make a house plant Facebook group that was fun and safe for everyone, where they could get excellent care information, and have fun without being intimidated or bullied. Things seemed like they might be a bit rocky at first, but with the help of some amazing people, including the past and present moderators, the group has flourished.

With members from 100 different countries, there have been tons of new friendships created that span the globe, and some have even met up in person. We have seen our members introduce us to their new babies, pets, significant others, and friends. We’ve seen our members stand up for one another and support each other in the most amazing ways possible, and we could not be more proud of the wonderful community that’s developed over this last year.

None of this would not have even been possible without all of the fantastic members in the group, whom we have grown to see as family. The admins may have made the group, but the members are the ones who helped shape it and make it the place that it is today. So, to all 134,650+ members, we love you thank you from the bottom of our hearts!