House Plant Hobbyist is a blog for sharing knowledge and passion for indoor gardening.

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Photo by  Kara Michelle  on  Unsplash


A Potted History

House Plant Hobbyist began as a small group of house plant enthusiasts, gathered on Facebook to share their passion for plants. The group quickly grew to include over 177,000 members from 101 countries around the globe. With all that combined knowledge and enthusiasm, a blog to showcase it seemed like a natural next step.

The House Plant Hobbyist blog is a place for members - and everyone else - to find helpful tips about plant care and indoor gardening. 

Staff Bios

Libby is the founder of HPH, who is most assuredly going to write a bio for herself very soon.

Allis is the co-founder who also promises to write a bio, which will assuredly contain the words "snarky" and "cat lady."